Social Dancing

Dance Anywhere, with anyone!

Too many people sit on the sidelines and avoid dance opportunities. Learning how to become a social dancer changes all of that.  Whether it’s at the studio, on vacation, or out on the town – an Arthur Murray® social dance program is your passport that works on any dance floor, to any music, anywhere in the world.

Here are some examples of what your social dance program at Arthur Murray® can prepare you for:

  • Weddings – It’s time to retire the funky chicken

  • Cruises – Pick a different dance floor every night no problem

  • Nightclubs – Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata – if it’s playing at a club, you’ll be on the floor

  • Corporate Events – Stand out and make an impression

  • Family Events – Do you want to be the dancer in the family?

Our certified instructors will have you dancing within the first 10 minutes of your lesson. Using the official Arthur Murray® teaching methods can teach you how to say yes any time a dance situation presents itself.