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You will be contacted shortly and we will help you find a time that is most convenient for you for your first personal lesson.  All of our personal lessons are taught by appointment, Monday through Friday starting at 1:15pm and the last nightly lesson begins at 8:15pm.  On Saturday, the first lesson begins at Noon and the last lesson begins at 3:45pm.  Remember, this lesson is free and there is absolutely no obligation.  We want to give you the opportunity to see our studio, meet our teachers, see what makes us so unique and try out some dances for yourself. 

When you come in for your first lesson, you'll want to make sure you have comfortable shoes that stay on your feet and clothing you can move easily in.  Anything from dress shoes to tennis shoes to cowboy boots are just fine - again, the important thing is that you are comfortable!  (Oh, and ladies, might I suggest closed-toed shoes - just in case?) The dress code is casual; we do have some people that come straight from work who are wearing suits and ties or dresses, but for the most part, slacks, jeans, shorts and t-shirts are the norm.  Again, we want you to be comfortable!

Wondering what will happen on your first lesson?  Hopefully, you'll arrive a few minutes early to fill out a simple form with your name and contact information as well as how you heard about us and what dances you might be interested in learning.  You will get a quick tour of the studio before taking the hardest step you'll take all day - the first steps onto the dance floor!  Your instructor will guide you through the basic elements of dancing (things you do everyday, but didn't know they were actually dance steps!) before introducing you to the basics of a couple different dances.  We usually recommend some slow dances and some faster dances to give you an idea of the different styles and to show you how easy and fun learning to dance can be at Arthur Murray® Dance Studio.  During this time, your instructor is learning about you, what kind of music you like, where you might go dancing and how you learn.  At the end of your first lesson, your instructor can make an educated recommendation about which activities would be most beneficial to you and about the best way to proceed with your learning.  We will then go over our calendar of classes and tuition options based on your instructor's recommendations.

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